Easy Way To Understand Stopping Volume In VSA (Volume Spread Analysis)


Alright, so let’s start with the basics. Stopping Volume in VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) is a very important tool in trading. Volume Spread Analysis is a trading methodology that uses the analysis of volume and price to help traders make better trading decisions. And Stopping Volume happens all the time; you just need to stop it and know how to handle it.

Stopping Volume is when there’s a sudden increase in trading volume that stops the trend in the opposite direction.

Think of it like a brick wall suddenly popping up in the middle of a road, causing all the cars to come to a screeching halt. In the case of Stopping Volume, the brick wall is the sudden surge in selling or buying volume that puts a stop to the current trend.

stopping volume in vsa can cause price to stall or even reverse

The Importance of Stopping Volume In VSA

Now, why is Stopping Volume important in trading VSA? Well, it can be an early indication of a potential trend reversal. When there’s a strong uptrend or downtrend in the market, traders tend to enter trades in the direction of the trend. However, when Stopping Volume occurs, it suggests that the trend may be losing momentum, and that a reversal may be imminent.

This can provide traders with an opportunity to enter trades in the opposite direction of the trend, in the hope of profiting from the upcoming price movement.

Of course, Stopping Volume alone isn’t always a foolproof signal for a trend reversal. Sometimes, the surge in volume may be due to some random news or event that has nothing to do with the trend, or it may just be a one-time occurrence that doesn’t lead to a sustained reversal.

That’s why traders who use Stopping Volume in VSA will often look for other signs of weakness in the trend to confirm whether a reversal is likely. Things like a lack of follow-through (of the trend) after the Stopping Volume or a failure to make new highs or lows can all be indications that a reversal is on the way.

Sometimes when a trend is strong, Stopping Volume will cause price to stall for a while before resuming in the direction of the trend. Therefore looking for follow-through is important after seeing Stopping Volume. It’s like an alert of sorts, but do not use it to enter a trade thinking that a reversal is imminent.

Remember the old saying, a trend can go on longer than one’s account balance can sustain.

There are indicators in TradingView which can highlight for you when Stopping Volume occurs, which makes it easy to spot.


Stopping Volume in VSA is like a big ol’ speed bump in the middle of a trend. It can be a sign that things are about to change direction, but you need to look for other clues to make sure you’re not just slamming on the brakes for no reason. Now go out there and start trading like a pro, you witty little rascal, you!