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GBPUSD Forex Trade 23 Nov 2020

I originally planned to not place any trades this week because Thanksgiving is going to be on this Friday. Folks will be on leave, and volume will drop in the markets, leading to increased volatility. But then I took at look at my Forex charts (GBPUSD). A perfect trade setup turned up that made it […]

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NZDJPY Trade 17 Nov 2020

Trend Reversal In this NZDJPY H4 chart, we see that strong selling volume has occurred in the down wave to (a) after the high, compared to the very last up-waves to the high (227 and 138 volume). After the down move (a), there was a pullback up to (b). If we add up all the […]

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GBPUSD Analysis 17 Nov 2020

I started my analysis by looking at the GBPUSD M30 chart. GBPUSD M30 Notice that price was unable to go above the general level as shown in the chart, with selling coming in each time to bring prices down slightly. There was no strong buying or strong selling though. I do note, however, that the […]

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