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What Is Price Action Trading?

Price Action analysis helps traders make informed decisions on trading, based on how prices have behaved in the past, and how they are behaving right now. There are a few main schools of thought when it comes to analysis charts. A trader can analyse the charts based on: Price Action Indicators A mixture of 1+2 […]

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Weis Wave Trades Stopped Out and Re-entry

I'm a fan of incorporating Volume into technical analysis and have been using VSA (Volume Spread Analysis )for a while. Recently, I have also been spending time to learn about the Weis Wave and Tim Ord's Ord Wave. Tim Ord's book is very useful as he gives a numerical gauge (50%) rather than "less than" […]

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Where to Take Profit During Trades

I'm a day trader and don't want to hold onto trades for too long. Some people say if you take profit too early, you are leaving money on the table. That's true, but what if price reverses? As the saying goes, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". Example Take Profit […]

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