The EasyTube Gallery Guide

One of the goals that we achieved was to make EasyTube Gallery very simple to use.


  1. After downloading the extension package , log into your Joomla site’s administrative interface and go to Extensions -> Extensions Manager .
  2. Click on the Upload Package File tab and then the Choose File button, where you can select . Then click the Upload & Install button.

Creating A Gallery

  1. In your Joomla administrative interface, click on the Components menu and then EasyTube Gallery .
  2. Click on the Add A New Gallery button when the page is loaded, and then enter a name for this new gallery when prompted.

The Tabs

  • The General tab is where you can change the name of this gallery, add some text to show before and after the video gallery. Note that not all galleries support showing text after the gallery.
  • The Themes tab is the place where you can change which theme to use for the currently selected gallery. When you change the theme, you will find that the options in this tab will change. This is because each tab has its own individual options. This is also the place to go if you want to choose whether or not to display Facebook likes.
  • Add Videos By URL - This is where you can enter specific YouTube video URLs. After entering your URLs, click on the Add Videos button and the videos will be added to the gallery. At the same time, the fields are cleared so you can enter more if you want. If you click on the Fetch Details button after entering a video’s URL, EasyTube Gallery will try to fetch the title and description of the video.
  • Search For Videos - Most of the time, you may not want to enter YouTube URLs manually. Instead, you can choose to add all the videos that you have uploaded or are in your Playlist, for example. You can do this here. Searching videos by keywords is also supported.
  • Videos Added - The videos that have been added to the gallery are shown here. You can edit the title and description of videos, as well as remove videos here.

Adding A Gallery To The Site

You can add a gallery to the menu the same way you add any item to the menu.

  1. For example, to add a gallery to the Main Menu , go to Menus -> Main Menu -> Add New Menu Item .
  2. Click the Select button beside Menu Item Type , and choose EasyTube Gallery -> EasyTube Gallery .
  3. Then click the Select Gallery button beside Gallery To Show , and choose the Gallery you want to display.
  4. The Menu Title field will then be auto-populated, but feel free to change it to whatever you want.